Friday, December 3, 2010

love? hate?

"Narrated `Aisha:
When the Prophet became ill, some of his wives talked about a church which they had seen in Ethiopia and it was called Mariya. Um Salma and Um Habiba had been to Ethiopia, and both of them narrated its (the Church's) beauty and the pictures it contained. The Prophet raised his head and said, "Those are the people who, whenever a pious man dies amongst them, make a place of worship at his grave and then they make those pictures in it. Those are the worst  creatures in the sight of Allah." "

 - (Sahih Bukhari: vol. 2 (book 23), hadith 425)

(pic courtesy: *_Abhi_*)

"Narrated Ibn `Abbas: While the Prophet was performing Tawaf of the Ka`ba, he passed by a person who had tied his hands to another person with a rope or string or something like that. The Prophet cut it with his own hands and said, "Lead him by the hand." "

 - (Sahih Bukhari: vol. 2 (book 23), hadith 425)