Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a cup of tea

Title: A cup of tea
publ: diamond pocket books

This is the only book written by osho. In fact there are hundreds of books by osho. But they all are his speeches recorded by his disciples and later published as books. So this is the only book actually written by osho. Because this is a collection of leters written by osho to his friends. But they are more than letters. His language is so poetic. It once again emphasized my perception that the most beautiful poems are created by mystics.

That said, the book didn’t capture my interest much. Because the major themes of his letters are love and meditation. And I have read so much of his books and so much written about him by other people that I can’t handle more love and meditation now :). Any osho book talking about these themes will be boring to some extent to me now. But that’s only a subjective thing. Otherwise the book is a real gem!

Courtesy: ernakulam public library

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