Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mississippi masala

This is not so much a film review as a tiny attempt of mine to express my happiness in being fortunate in having such a sweet viewing experience as well as to shout out to all those movie-loving people who, despite being aware of the existence and importance of this movie have been keeping postponing watching it to tomorrow that never came: "Stop delaying anymore.. enough! go watch this now! enough procrastinating!!" as well as to spread the word among those who are not aware of the beauty and value of this movie or even its existence but may watch it and thus be saved from missing such a delicious treat for the eyes and heart when I tell them just because they relate to me in some way, just because their tastes rhyme with mine. People who are really interested can go here for a simple and brief review of the movie which gives a clear idea of the plot too.

Even at the beginning of it, I knew I was going to love this movie like crazy, just for its cinematography, if not for anything else. Such charming colours, captivating views!.. But I was mistaken. I didn't have to be only gratified with its cinematography. There was a huge bonus awaiting. I loved everything about the movie. I have started admiring Mira Nair. I have her Monsoon wedding and Salaam Bombay waiting to be watched. I would say students of film must learn direction from such movies as this. She is so clear in her work.. nothing more, nothing less.. nothing overdone, nothing underdone.. right up to the mark. Great!

It's about passion; and the values of tradition, as is obvious from the tagline. And of course what emerges when these get mixed up.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really love it! I still have a copy of the movie on my system. Don't want to delete it. It has entered my favourites list.. I recommend this to all movie-buffs who have not found time to watch it yet. I know it's too late already!!!


Maddy said...

that was a good movie which i saw years ago. I remember that i was wandering about the 'blockbuster' aisles to find something and the name masala did it.

deepdowne said...

Thanks for visiting, Maddy!

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