Monday, December 28, 2009

The book..

A: "I used to have an old German Bible around the house for years, but it smelled so bad I finally gave it away to an aunt in Santa Barbara."
B: "Who printed it?"
A: "I don't know… 'Guten' something."
B dropped his fork. "Not Gutenberg?"
A: "I believe that's the name."
B jumping up from the table, "Let's go!". He screamed, "We'll hire a plane!"
A: "Go where?"
B: "To get the Bible, man! Don't you realize you have one of the first books ever printed? It's worth three hundred thousand dollars!"
A stood up excitedly. Then suddenly sat down again. "It can't be worth anything,"
B asked hysterically, "Why not?"
"Because," A replied, "somebody named Martin Luther scribbled all over it."

- (recounted by Osho)

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