Monday, September 12, 2011


'Narrated Anas:
A Jew crushed the head of a girl between two stones. The girl was asked who had crushed her head, and some names were mentioned before her, and when the name of the Jew was mentioned, she nodded agreeing. The Jew was captured and when he confessed, the Prophet ordered that his head be crushed between two stones.'

- Sahih Bukhari 3:596

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'Narrated Subaia bint Al−Harith: That she was married to Sa`d bin Khaula who was from the tribe of Bani
`Amr bin Luai, and was one of those who fought the Badr battle. He died while she was pregnant during Hajjat−ul−Wada`.' Soon after his death, she gave birth to a child. When she completed the term of deliver (i.e. became clean), she prepared herself for suitors. Abu As−Sanabil bin Bu'kak, a man from the tribe of Bani `Abd−ud−Dal called on her and said to her, "What! I see you dressed up for the people to ask you in marriage. Do you want to marry By Allah, you are not allowed to marry unless four months and ten days have elapsed (after your husband's death)." Subai'a in her narration said, "When he (i.e. Abu As−Sanabil) said this to me. I put on my dress in the evening and went to Allah's Apostle and asked him about this problem. He gave the verdict that I was free to marry as I had already given birth to my child and ordered me to marry if I wished." '

- Sahih Bukhari 5:326

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