Thursday, October 12, 2006

to display malayalam font properly

(note: below instructions are only for internet explorer users.)

If the Malayalam font is not diplayed on your monitor or displayed in an awkward or incomplete fashion, please download anjali old lipi font, and also make the necessary settings on your browser.

You can download anjali old lipi from
here. Then istall the font in the fonts folder which can be accessed by clicking start -> control panel -> fonts. You can copy-paste the anjali old lipi font-file to this fonts folder from the location you had downloaded the font to.
After this, from your internet explorer, go to tools -> internet options -> fonts and select Malayalam in the language script field. Then choose anjali old lipi as font. Now click ok to save your settings until you have come out of the internet options window. You are now ready to view Malayalam font without any difficulty.

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