Sunday, May 21, 2006

devi...rakhi...and this silly mood..

basheer’s devi has filled me with melancholy. It’s a couple of days ago that I read anuragathinte dinangal. But even now I’m immersed in that pensiveness, though it’s never clear what this sad craving of mine is for. Nevertheless, being absorbed by this deep gloom in my own lonely world, in my own secret little bubble, is tremendously sweet. And to add to this, rakhi, I received your sms b’day greeting early in the morning which woke me up from sleep. devi…! rakhi…! it’s quite long since we communicated with each other, even though your thoughts and nostalgic memories are my constant companion. you had greeted me on my last b'day. It seems as if you were simply waiting for three hundred and sixty five days to pass just to greet me happy birthday again. we had hardly talked during this interval of time, except perhaps once. Your message reminded me that it was my birthday. You simply flattered me. And you have pushed me further deeper into the well of gloom devi had already dumped me into!..

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