Monday, August 6, 2007

Exit notepad, enter word

A few months back, I had jettisoned msword and started using notepad to draft my posts before pasting them onto my blog, because I thought I was so much in love with small letters that I didn't want the word to autocorrect my English in order to transform the small letters in the grammatically inappropriate places—like the beginning of a sentence etc.—to caps. But now, when I was skimming through some of my older posts I realized how much I missed the capital letters. I never thought it was so gorgeous to see the caps in their rightful places. I saw those big letters in perfect harmony with the small ones. And they appeared so sweetly calm and quiet, loyal and patient, never complaining of my jilting them, ever ready at my service. Never before have they looked so dear to me. But still I'm such a lazybone that I don't want to use that extra finger to press the shift key to create capital letters. That is why now I have called word back to my blog as it can take care of converting small letters to caps in most of the places necessary and my lazy self can go on typing entirely in small letters. So, bye bye notepad, welcome word!

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