Saturday, August 9, 2008

comment to amar-akbar-anthony's on khayyam post

Dear Anthony, what follows is a comment to your post titled on khayyam. As there is no comment option or even an email link with your blog, I had to post it on my own blog)

Dear Anthony, I read your post on khayyam . it reminded me about one of my own posts where I wrote about a similar rubayee. But the confusing thing is that the rubayee I was talking about I can’t find in fitzgerald’s English transalation. I had heard the rubayee recited by pankaj udhas in urdu in the album rubayee. The album is sort of a tribute to omarkhayyam and each gazal in it is preceded by a couple of rubayees. And there is a good introduction on omarkhayyam and rubayee in it by, if I remember it right, brij bhushan. Not only this rubayee, but almost all other rubayees preceding the gazals in that album felt different (as far as the lines are concerned) from what I found in omarkhayyam’s rubaiyat. but nevertheless they reflected the philosophy of omarkhayyam very intensely indeed. After listening to those rubayees, no one can say it’s not written by omarkhayyam. They are so khayyam-like. His signature is there in all of them. But why am I not able to find those in fitzgerald’s translation? Are there any other rubayees by omarkhayyam? Do you have any idea? Can you help?

I have been enjoying reading your blog. Thanks amar-akbar-anthony! I started browsing from the very first post and have been stopping at every post that captures my intesrest and reading it diligently (and to my delight, there are so many of them!). it’s pretty long since I started and have only reached the on khayyam post which is hardly one-forth way of the total substance of your blog. The subjects of your interest are amazingly same as that of mine. I wish I had enough knowledge and ability to write valuable posts on such topics as you do. A big hand for the great job! And a big fat thanks! :)

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