Friday, May 9, 2008

East, west

(this had been written earlier, but i'm posting it now)

Title: East, west
Author: Salman rushdie

Publ: Vintage -1995
Isbn: 0-224-04134-7

Rushdie the magician again. He conjures up, as usual, an all too different, fabulous world using letters. This short book is a perfect read for a lazy holiday when you would want to curl yourself up in an armchair with a cup of tea by your side. No great issues that require racking of your brains much are discussed in these stories! It is just a silly bunch of cute little stories from the east and the west and what results from the mingling of both. Who could handle such themes better than this truly grand master of a writer in exile! Very simple and artistic in its creation, rushdie reminded throughout this series of vaikom Muhammad basheer who weaves fantastic stories out of commonplace everyday happenings around him. Though some topics are those I don’t have much deep knowledge of, I still enjoyed rushdie’s playful treatment of words and ideas that has never failed to overwhelm me.

This is a book borrowed from the lending library and to my disappointment I found two pages, namely 205 and 206 missing from it. I strongly doubt that someone might have torn it off, because page 204 ends with two ruffians with knife threatening the narrator’s mother and ayah to unbutton their blouses! Were the buttons unbuttoned? Or not? To know that one must read page 205. perhaps some previous reader who is ‘too bothered about the morality of his fellow readers’ found some unbuttoning or something similar or couldn’t contain himself from imagining something ‘outrageous’ even without any unbuttoning tore it off to save the mankind from being morally corrupt?
Oh these people! :)

Courtesy: ernakulam public library

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