Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mattancherry Jew Town

The Synagogue building

The Synagogue building clock

Picture postcards for sale

Main street of the Jew Town

The Jewish graveyard

Foundation stone of the graveyard with Hebrew inscription

Foundation stone of the graveyard with Malayalam and English inscription


rocksea said...

beautiful pictures. thanks for the jewish cemetery pictures and the inscriptions. couldn't go there when we visited mattancherry. is it near by the synagogue?

Urs....Jina said... of my fave places..and essence captured beautifully

deepdowne said...

Thank you rocksea, Jina!

rocksea, it is very near to the Synagogue. In fact, just around 5 minutes walk on the same road, but in the direction away from the synagogue. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of its existence as it is a bit isolated from the tourist hustle and bustle around the Synagogue. Most tourists miss this spot.

rocksea said...

thanks for the info, will check it next time :)

JK said...

I think there was a board for this at the junction where you turn towards the synagogue. Great pictures.

deepdowne said...

Thanks for dropping in, JK!

Anvar said...

this pictures are absolutely marvelous .i like this type of places which remainds the history of our state.cochin is a wonderful place. we can see mixed culture of jews christains muslims hindus every ones culture .i really like this place

deepdowne said...

Thanks for dropping by, Anvar!

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