Monday, August 24, 2009

When Men and Women Shake Hands...

"Even though women have had a strong presence in the work-force for several decades, many men and women still experience degrees of fumbling and embarrassment in male/female greetings. Most men report that they received some basic handshaking training from their fathers when they were boys, but few women report the same training. As adults, this can create uncomfortable situations when a man reaches first to shake a woman's hand but she may not see it - she's initially more intent on looking at his face. Feeling awkward with his hand suspended in mid-air, the man pulls it back hoping she didn't notice but as he does, she reaches for it and is also left with her hand dangling in a void. He reaches for her hand again and the result is a mish-mash of tangled fingers that look and feel like two eager squid in a love embrace.
If this ever happens to you, intentionally take the other person's right hand with your left, place it correctly into your right hand and say with a smile 'Let's try that again!' "
- (The Definitive Book of Body Language)


the adamant soul said...

yes, it's sometimes embarrassing to handshake....with female counterparts..

Golden Boy said...

Thanks deepdowne for the previous article on Sufism. I believe that people who don't understand the Spirit of a religion have all the time in the world to engage in religious arguments. Yet the Sufi knows through gnosis (direct experience) that all the war in the name of religion is the biggest ignorance in man.
And thanks for the appreciation to my article at desicritic.
I will come back to read here again

deepdowne said...

Thank you for dropping by.

Americanising Desi said...

thank God we dont do that here. we just nod!
though there was a big session on business etiquette and handshakes! brrr

Anonymous said...

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